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SMTOWN at SM Town Live in Osaka (2018)

SM Town Live 2018 in Osaka
KNTV 2018.10.20

Concert Setlist:
Intro (SMTOWN Introduction)
Go (performed by NCT Dream)
We Young (performed by NCT Dream)
Wannabe (performed by Hyoyeon featuring Lucas (NCT))
White Nose (performed by Amber featuring Luna)
Free Somebody (performed by Luna)
Still (performed by Sunday featuring Doyoung (NCT))
Doll (performed by Kangta, Seulgi, and Wendy)
Let Me Kiss (performed by Yesung)
Splash (performed by Yesung)
When The Wind Blows (Japanese version; performed by Yoona)
Stay With Me (performed by Chanyeol (EXO) et al)
The 7th Sense (performed by NCT U)
BOSS (performed by NCT U)
Horololo (performed by EXO CBX)
Move (performed by Taemin)
I (Japanese version; performed by Taeyeon)
Stay (performed by Taeyeon)
Dance Break (performed by Taeyong, Sehun, et al )
Intermission (VCR)
Chain (performed by NCT 127)
Touch (performed by NCT 127)
Red Flavor (Japanese version; performed by Red Velvet)
Peek-a-Boo (performed by Red Velvet)
#Cookie Jar (performed by Red Velvet)
Ko Ko Bop (performed by EXO)
Power (performed by EXO)
Cosmic Railway (performed by EXO)
Nega Dola (performed by BoA)
Only One (Performed by BoA)
CAMO (performed by BoA)
View (Japanese version; performed by SHINee)
Sherlock (Japanese version; performed by SHINee)
Everybody (Japanese version; performed by SHINee)
Sorry Sorry (performed by Super Junior)
BONAMANA (performed by Super Junior)
Miracle (performed by Super Junior)
Keep Your Head Down (Japanese version; performed by TVXQ)
Catch Me (Japanese version; performed by TVXQ)
Road (performed by TVXQ)
We Are! (performed by TVXQ)
Notorius (performed by TRAxX)
Drop That (performed by EXO)
Run This (performed by EXO)
4 Walls (Japanese version; performed by f(x))
All Mine (performed by f(x))
Lucifer (Remix version)
Somebody To Love (performed by TVXQ)
Calling Out For Love (performed by Kangta)
Black On Black (performed by NCT 2018)
Bad Boy (performed by Red Velvet)
Electric Kiss (performed by EXO)
Hot Summer (Japanese version; performed by f(x))
Good Evening (Japanese version; performed by SHINee)
One Shot, Two Shot (performed by BoA)
Lo Siento (performed by Super Junior… more )
The Chance Of Love (performed by TVXQ)
Hope (Performed by all SMTOWN artists)


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